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I’m Vivek Nallur, itinerant academic, wannabe go-player and an enthusiastic traveller. I love asking questions, and then launching on a search for answers to those questions. Hence, my career as a researcher came, more or less, naturally to me. And I’ve already lied to you at least twice, in this paragraph!


I am currently working (2017 –  ) as a lecturer/assistant professor in the School of Computer Science, at University College Dublin.

Previously, I used to work as a Research Fellow with the Distributed Systems Group in the School of Computer Science & Statistics at Trinity College Dublin.

Past Project(s)

I used to be employed in Trinity College Dublin, as a post-doctoral research fellow (2013-2016), with the Distributed Systems Group. At Trinity, I used to work on an EU project called Diversify which aims at using ‘Diversity’ as a foundational principle in making better collaborative adaptive systems. My main interest is in self-adaptive systems, engineering them, predicting/controlling their various properties, getting them to collaborate, and preventing/boosting emergent effects.

I did my PhD in the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. As my research page testifies, I’m very interested in self-adaptation and my thesis was entitled A Decentralized Self-Adaptation Mechanism for Service Based Applications in the Cloud.