The Smoothest Roads in Dublin – Least Bumpy Routing

SmartHopper was extended to use road smoothness data provided by cyclists. One of the aims of SmartHopper is to be able to accept any spatial sensor data provided by citizens, and turn it into useful information. One of our Masters’ students is an avid cyclist, and he wrote an app that collected smoothness data from sensors attached to bikes. He then asked his friends to attach sensors and simply use it during their daily rides through the city. We were able to turn this road-by-road smoothness data into a heatmap and routing information with minimal effort (took us about 2-3 person days).

Take a look at the routing that’s now made possible, with SmartHopper


Notice, that in the visualization, the user can opt to see different layers of road smoothness. And also, SmartHopper simply took this information, and used it for providing the smoothest (or rather, “least bumpy”) route.

What else can you imagine SmartHopper being extended for? Get in touch, if you want to work on making SmartHopper better.